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Nature is our true home. Always has been. Yet, right today it seems more important than ever for us to reestablish this ancient, in parts long forgotten connection, to feel and boost it again. Almost everybody likes to take a walk in the woods. But what if we leave our precious and trusted paths, what if we take a step further and completely leave behind our comfortable lifestyle?

Once nature was everything for us: provider, protector, homestead, true friend but fierce enemy in the same token. But the more we set us apart from that nature during our social development, the more we let that picture of a fierce enemy dominate us. We're talking about the WILDerness, SURviving, FIGHT or STRUGGLE for live. As if we're not part of Mother Earth anymore and the moment we set our feet off the roads we permanently had to fight for our lives.

But there is a much simplier truth. Nature can do so much for us: she can hone our perception, sharpen our attention, deepen our patience or even teach it to us, give us calmness and balance. She lets us enjoy exercise and provide us with playful workouts. She lets us truly see ourselves, at her side we can reflect oursleves like nowhere else. She is our gym, meditation centre, personal drug store, supermarket, entertainer and so much more. There is barely any situation that has the abillity to leave such a deep and peaceful impression with us like any of these intense moments in nature. Just imagine one of those shy creatures of the forest passing by or the sun setting over a calm lake in unbelievably intense colors.

While we joyfully rediscover nature in deep, curious enthusiasm one thing always shows up as most important: the very deep and rooted knowledge of ancient and recent native people, as far as we can still manage to achieve it.

And so, based on that knowledge we use methods that lead to inspiration and curiosity. The creation of purposeful challenging situations are bringing deep knowledge through sustainable, self acqiured understanding. Tales and narrations are playing a vital role in this: through listening to others experiences and narrating our owns we put the seed of true knowledge and understanding deep inside our bodies and minds and therefor are creating new and powerful inspirations for ourselves and others.

The Wolf

Finally he managed to come back and make home again amongst us! After such a long time the European Grey Wolf is settling again in our homeland and slowly spreads westerly. And while some people are still only seeing grave danger following his heels we cheerfully welcome him back, because in our oppinion his comeback is giving lots of opportunities and chances to us and our environment! The wolf is an exceedingly attentive fellow, nothing slips through his razorsharp senses. He is a true master when it comes to hiding and camouflage and some folks know to tell stories about wolves sneeking past other human beings in remote distance and completely unnoticed by almost everyone. But normally he utterly avoids coming near any human.

Wolves can teach us lots of things for living in and with nature, be it attention, camouflage or moving over great distances with as little effort as possible, just to mention a few. And so, according to our philosophy above he stands as an inexhaustible source of inspiration and motivation, as well as for fascinating tales and stories. That's why we chose him as our mascot.