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Nature is our true home. Always has been... Read more


2-Day-offer for children of a primary school in Berlin

Making fire and climbing up the trees at the full-day-care of an elementary school in Tempelhof (Schulburg des Nachbarschafts- und Selbsthilfezentrums in der ufa-Fabrik e.V.).[more]


Language Camp 2015 arrived!

Learning German the better and more „natural“ way! Schülerhilfe Memory and Wolves of Wilderness are offering you THE OUTDOOR-LANGUAGE-CAMP! For native english speakers the optimal support to improve your german language skills...[more]


Let's go!

We're working hard to open up a Language Camp for 11 - ? year old kids and teens this summer. 7 days of nature, wilderness knowledge, survival and adventure wrapped in intense english company from a native speaker. The concept of...[more]


Awaken the wolf in you!

Wolves of Wilderness are in town! We like to introduce you to a world not far from here: the wilderness! Are you ready for the adventure of your life? Just follow us here and remember: BeWoW![more]